Our students (Grades 6-12) have weekly gatherings with worship, teaching, and small groups designed to propel them forward in faith.

Who: 6th-12th Grade Students
When: 6:45-8:15 PM on Wednesdays
What: Worship God, engaging teaching, opportunity for authentic relationships,
learn more about yourself, serve others

We exist for teenagers and families as part of the church to see students come to know Christ, grow in maturity, and go into the world to spread the Gospel. We strive to equip students to be able to further Christ’s mission in whatever context they are in.

Jeremy and Mary Claire Porter

Mission Students Leaders

Jeremy and Mary Clare Porter lead our Student Ministry here at Mission Church Myerstown.  Their desire and aim is for the students of our Church to develop their own authentic and growing relationship with Jesus, and for that relationship to impact every area of their lives.

Jeremy and Mary Clare have two active elementary age kids, Skylar and Austin.  When not hanging out with the teens of the Church, you can find them spending time outdoors by a grill, on a trail, lake or sports field."